my boyfriend constantly surprises me with random things he finds on amazon for under $5

like gas masks….. (he bought two “so technically this is a romantic couple’s gift”)

but hey, very useful for cutting onions

I spend months creating cosplays and I love meeting people and getting their reactions but COULD SOMEBODY PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO POSE IN PICTURES

What do I do with my face. Hands? Where do the limbs go oh god I’ve forgotten how to smile


if we are talking in person and i accidentally spit dont even call out i saw it and im dead inside

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  • what do u mean u dont sell german-language magazines thats racist
  • is this the amazon store?
  • no?
  • well can u give me directions to the amazon store?
  • what do you mean there are no amazon stores??
  • what do you mean you can’t get me a copy of this out-of-print obscure book?
  • what do you mean you don’t have MY BOOK I SELF PUBLISHED in stock?
  • hello i just left your store 5 minutes ago and i’m calling to let u know that i puked all over the ladies room sorry
  • hello i have a coupon for a free cupcake for my child. no i dont have the coupon with me. no i will not show you my email. no i will not stop yelling until you give me my cupcake my child’s cupcake
  • I am looking for a book. it’s blue. no i do not know the title. or the author. i think it’s a new book? it’s blue okay? just find it for me.
  • i am looking for no-sugar low carb cookbooks on how to make souffles in crockpots WHAT DO U MEAN U DONT HAVE ANY
  • do i have to pay sales tax on this?
  • do i have to pay tax on THIS?
  • what about this?
  • really? everything has sales tax? when did that happen




2014 confirmed for year of massive redesigns.


Let us not forget

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{I was so excited when my fiancee pointed out this lovely cosplayer coming down the escalator that I jumped up and scurried over to her~ <3}


ah yes the four seasons. wet, hot, halloween, and christmas

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"I just want Bruce Lee to hold me as long as he can."

I’m dying.

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NYCC 2014

My friend took these pics on Friday. It was my first time cosplaying so I was intimidated by a lot of people (especially Red ( nonomella ) from Transistor!!! I saw her twice and I dont know why I felt really shy about asking her for a photo) but I still had a great time!

Photos: Dunhill Jalea


suuuper cute cosplayers 8) if you see yourself let me know!

marceline is methamphetanime! aka my nerd friend


my aesthetic is pet goth, it’s where you wear all black but you have a lot of pets you like to hold so you always have fur on your clothes

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First NYCC was a blast! I was a little overwhelmed but managed to score some beautiful artwork and attend a few really informative and inspiring panels - and of course the cosplay! Much love to everyone that made it happen.